Artist Statement
I work with images that explore the interaction and transformation of natural elements propelled by tidal, climatic, volcanic and tectonic forces. The simultaneously regenerative and destructive cycles of nature evoke awe and exultation in their beauty and their suggestion of order and causality behind the chaos and complexity. I am interested in the resonance between the cycles and elements in nature and human experience. The phases of existence and the various ways the promise of life is fulfilled are both source and vehicle for expression.

The paintings and prints, executed in the studio, are formed from a distillation of material (notes, sketches, photographs and memory). I use layers of paint, ink, glazes, drawn marks, and scratches working the piece into a mingling of distinct and indistinct areas and shapes. I pursue specificity in observation to arrive at an extended vision, but also pare away detail to open the way for metaphorical and emotional possibilities. They are a fusion of the concrete and the symbolic: reality suggestive of inner experience.

The reality of climate change is re-orienting our identity and giving us a new understanding of our relationship to nature. The accumulation of global-warming gases from decades of human activity has warped the natural systems of the earth. Nature, it turns out, is both more delicate than we thought, and also our dependence more profound than we have previously been aware. Our decades of ignorance are now being replaced by the acts of millions of people, every day, finding ways, large and small, to stop the global warming trends. I hope my work will be a part of our newfound creativity, relentless dedication and inspiration as we fight the greatest challenge of our era. Seeing ourselves in nature and nature in us, I strive, in my artwork, to bring us in close.

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