Open Studio:

Friday, 12/13, 5pm to 8pm
Saturday, 12/14, 10am to 2pm
921 Cottrell Way
Come see new work!
Refreshments and art making table for children and others


SF Chronicle, Sukey Bryan Hangs the Sky, by Sam Whiting

Nobhill Gazette, movers and shakers

Current installations and exhibitions:

Sky Front and Sky Windows: 2 large scale outdoor installations
Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell (and Embarcadero)
Last month! Comes down January, 2020

Sky Front, photography installation on Palo Alto Art Center, 2019

Short video by Karen Kienzle while I was installing Sky Front

Sky windows, photography installation, 2019
Sculpture Courtyard, Palo Alto Art Center

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Stanford University, Encina Hall C131
For information and appointment contact:
Michelle L. Townsend, Assistant Director of Development
(650) 723-3197

Recent installations and exhibitions:

Fire Within, Wildfire panel installation
Christ Church Los Altos
1040 Border Road, Los Altos, CA
2019, just deinstalled 9/19/19

Sea Change: The Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley California
Break Around, outdoor photography installation encircling the building

1 min Walk around "Break Around"

Break Around, photography installation, 2019
Brower Center Building, Berkeley, California

Break Around, photography installation, 2019

Break Around, photography installation, 2019

Wellspring, part of environmental programing at St. Bart's Church
325 Park Avenue, New York, NY,
Easter/Earth Day through June 10, 2019

Detail of "Wellspring", photography installation, 2019

Schedule for 2 months of fantastic programs at St. Bart's, NYC concerning the environment

Wellspring, photography installation, 2019
St. Bart's Church, New York City

Wellspring, photography installation, 2019

Wellspring, photography installation, 2019

Wellspring, photography installation, 2019
St. Bart's Church, New York City

Wellspring, photography installation, 2019

Artist in Residence at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Environmental installations and public projects
Global Climate Action Summit, 2018

Earth Window

Photo: Water Without, installed on Earth Day, 2018

Installing Water Without - The Glue Crew!
Short time lapse movie By Grace Cathedral

SF Chronicle -Earth Window in line up of photos

ABC news - look at minute 2:28 to see Earth Window

Article about the Multi-Faith Service for the Global Climate Action Summit

This is fun! Green Fuse installation is featured in AAA Via Magazine, "Things to do in San Francisco",
write-up #16, Grace Cathedral.

Green Fuse at Grace Cathedral in AAA Via Magazine,
"Things to do in San Francisco", January, 2019

Here is the link to the AAA Via Magazine article on San Francisco

Green Fuse, photographs of California Black Oak, ea. 2' x 34',
for the Multi-Faith Service opening the Global Climate Action Summit, 2018

Right side of Green Fuse, 12 columns

Glacier Realms, Grace Gallery
Lower level, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Paintings and prints of Alaskan glacier ice cliffs, icebergs and waterfalls

This is an interview about my wonderful experience at Grace Cathedral during the 2018 Artist Residency
The Forum with Sukey Bryan, September 23, 2018 moderated by Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey

Waterfront, Cathedral north transept - will be re-installed at Grace, October, 2019
Waterfront, a five panel oil painting explores the beauty and simultaneous power and delicacy of the ocean. This painting, brings the viewer in close as the water is shaped and blown apart by the physics of tidal movement, wind and shoreline. With intense environmental pressures on ocean life and rising global sea levels, our dependence and responsibility for care of the oceans and pushing back temperature rise is a front worth joining.

Photo: Waterfront at Grace Cathedral

Color Me Colossus!
Life-size whales, sharks, dolphin, turtles and bat rays
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Created by the public. Thank you to everyone!
Save our Seas and Love Wins!
For National Ocean Month, 2018

Photo: "Humpback Whale, life-size, chalk"

Photo: "Color Me Colossus artists at work"

Photo: "Save our seas, bless the sharks, and love wins"

Tidal Race, Plaza columns, series of 8 large scale photographs

Photo: #8 of Tidal Race, photograph

Kelp Forest, Plaza, two murals painted by the Summer Arts Camp

Impressions of the Ocean, Outdoor labyrinth, a finger paint project by the Community Preschool

Stacked Waves, Cathedral Facade

Stacked ceramic waves sculptures, 20 x 48",
Glazed by many many hands of the cathedral community at large!

Fragile Blue Marble
Artik, Art & Architecture
Sukey Bryan and James Dewrance
394-A Umbarger Road, San Jose
Paintings, prints and ceramics
call for a viewing time: (408) 224-9890
Through August, 2019

Photo: "River" Mural, 8 x 34'

Photo: Kids working on "River"

"River", Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
painted on a temporary construction fence, 8 x 34'
with help from children of the cathedral
Jones Street between California and Sacramento
October, 2017 - June, 2018 - ongoing

Christ Church, Los Altos, California
Spring, 2018
Photo on paper reredos installation
Foyer: School of fish, Ventana School and young friends of the studio

Photo: Sea-going reredos

Sky Steps at Grace Cathedral
San Francisco
For Easter Sunday And Earth Day, 2017
(this installation is now down).

Photo: Sky Steps

Sky Steps featured in The Economist

Article about my work (environment and spirituality) by Lil Copan in the Christian Century

Clark Center, Bio-x, Stanford University
Sky Circle, Temporary pop-up painting
( This is no longer up)
Acrylic on canvas, 30' diameter

Studio News
TED Talk: TEDX Gunn H.S., "Parts of a whole", 1/16/15 Palo Alto, CA
Parts of a whole, Sukey Bryan TEDX Gunn High School


Original Minds, part 1
Original Minds, part 2
KWMR interview of Sukey Bryan by Elia Haworth on Original Minds,
Pt. Reyes Radio, May 21, 2016

Short video during the Kings Art Center exhibition, "Ice makes a sound and she heard it",
by Niccolo, a young talented Central Valley blogger

Photo: Jim Dewrance

The Sentinel article about the exhibition by Pete Menting

Photo:Jim Dewrance

Sky Fountain
February, 2015
Temporary art installation in the time of drought

Painted by undergraduate students with artist, Sukey Bryan
35x35', acrylic on canvas
The White Memorial Fountain/The Claw
Presented by ResArts, Stanford University

Stanford Magazine, "Blue_Sky Proposition"

Stanford Daily article by Ada Throckmorton

Video by Will Brooks of the students painting sessions

To see Palo Alto Weekly article,
"Artist Turned Adventurer",
by Rebecca Wallace:
PDF version: Palo Alto Weekly, 10/21/2011

Studio powered by solar energy! (We are now running the house, studio and an electric car off the solar panels-a dream come true! Next step: a house battery)

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