. Sukey Bryan in the studio, Stanford, California.
. Photo: James Dewrance

. 2011, Fishers Island, New York.
. Photo: Jim Brooks







Sukey Bryan was born in New Jersey in 1961 and grew up in Connecticut and France. She graduated in 1983 from Yale University with a B.A. majoring in Fine Arts and English. At Yale, Bob Reed was an important influence on her development. She worked for two years as a graphic designer in New York with Vignelli Associates, followed by three years of free-lance work in San Francisco.
She began painting weekends and evenings while working in design and decided to turn full time to fine art. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art graduating with an M.F.A. in 1990. Bryan received a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council in 1991.
With the support of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1993, Bryan painted a series of work based on the environments of Iceland and the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Her interest in the volcanic nature of the Icelandic landscape led to several years of work that explores the interactions between natural elements (lava, water, gases and rock) during seismic activity.
A resident of California since 1997, Bryan has created works that examine aspects of the surrounding natural eco-system in particular, wildfires, ocean tides, waves, and shallows, winter rain and grasses. During the summer of 2008, she was artist in residence at Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. A stay of only 3 weeks in this remarkable landscape became the source for 5 years of work and over 100 paintings and prints that explore the Alaskan glacier ice cycle, from snow to ice to melt-water. This work celebrates the natural ice cycle that is jeopardized by the rise in atmospheric temperature.
During the California drought, her work explored the patch of sky over her own backyard, blue skies with floating fluffy white rainless clouds culminating in a public installation piece entitled "Sky fountain: installation in the time of drought" at Stanford University.
Bryan was the 2018 artist in residence at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco making art concerning the environment and climate change. She created public installations and group projects about ocean, marine animals, rivers, wildfire, hawks, and for the occasion of the Global Climate Action Summit Multi-faith Service, installations utilizing images of California Black Oak and NASA's Blue Marble earth. Currently, Bryan is creating large-scale outdoor installations for the Palo Alto Art Center and The Brower Environmental Center in Berkeley.
Bryan is married to physician/scientist Jim Brooks and has two wonderful sons.

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